What do RealityLovers have in store for you in 2017?

Happy New Year!

After starting 2017 with a thundering hangover like every well-behaved adult, it’s time to make another reasonable decision. Of course, we are talking about New Year’s resolutions. However, if you think that this is going to be about us swearing to exercise regularly and to quit smoking, think again.  We are Reality Lovers and you know what we do best. So, after a great, exciting 2016, we would like to make some promises for 2017 to you, our fans and members.  We will do our best to fulfill them:

1.       You wanted more genres? That’s what you’ll get!

Not only are we planning to provide you with better videos, but also with a wider variety thereof. Good news, though – our RealityFamily will grow. And you know what? Our first set of scenes for all of the MILF lovers out there is already being prepared  – we’re launching within the next 2 months! And for those of you who like surprises – girls with surprises, to be more specific – in spring, we’ll start bringing you doses of shemale porn, too. And no worries – the Reality Lovers content you know and love will still be regularly added to this website. We’ll give you more details very soon. Keep your eyes peeled and your genitals alert!

Mature Lovers

Who’s ready for some mature action? Because we are!

2.       2017 – the year of better content

There’s always room for improvement and we want you to experience it. Higher quality, better details, more intense action, a bit of romance thrown in… the possibilities are definitely there. After all, we want you to be happy, satisfied, and hungry for more when you are done. If you have anything to say, don’t hesitate to contact us via social media (links above this post) or email – any constructive feedback is appreciated. Or maybe you want a specific lady you want to see again in our scenes. In any case, let us know!

A throwback: This was the very first scene on RealityLovers.

A throwback: “Aida is better than TV” was the very first scene you could watch on realitylovers.com – not too bad of a start, if you ask us

3.       Opening the Reality Lovers bag of goodies

Aside from smokin’ hot scenes, we are working on some other surprises. You can look forward to some juicy bonuses – there will be more interviews with pornstars, maybe even some behind-the-scenes content. And let’s not forget contests and giveaways, because… who wouldn’t want a monthly membership or something equally valuable? You will see what they’re all about soon enough. Just don’t tell us you never wanted to write a porn scene script. 😉
Before we start sending some cool content your way, you can answer one very striaghtforward, but difficult question – which one of our wonderful girls turned you on most last year? We are searching for some fan favorites, with whom we may then do another shooting. Suggestions?

4.       Porn shows are fun – meet you there?

One of 2016’s highlights was, without any doubt, the VENUS show in Berlin. And it’s not only because we won the award for “The Most Innovative Product”. We got to meet hundreds of our fans, showed you how we shoot porn for VR, brought some gorgeous ladies with us… we couldn’t get enough. Thus, in 2017, we plan to get “out there” as much as we can and perhaps spend some quality time with our fans. We’re going on a trip to America for the XBiz and AVN award shows. And we’ve already marked our calendars for VENUS 2017. And there might be other shows here and there. Another reason for you to stay tuned. Who wouldn’t want to meet our stars and take a selfie?

Nikki Dream @ Venus

We will be glad to meet (and tease) you at shows… see you at Venus again!

Is there anything else we should have promised? You can still suggest what we should do, for 2017 has only started! Let’s roll up our sleeves, unzip our pants and get down to business, this is going to be one amazing year. Stay with us, Reality Lovers!