The Wild Adventures of Reality Lovers Girls in Munich!

Haven’t you heard?

The girls from Reality Lovers have taken to the streets – Munich namely – to find out how you like our videos and to hear your opinions and reactions. We had a chance to meet you face to face and take some pictures with you. Your support and lovely compliments have made us extremely happy. We caused quite some uproar in town; there is no doubt about that. Articles in local papers and the posts on your social networks all bear witness to this fact. Together with our beautiful actresses, you also had a chance to meet Edona James, known from the reality show Big Brother Germany.


VIRTUAL REALITY IS SIMPLY THE BOMB! Many of you said this after experiencing a glance of the virtual erotica world.

We would like to thank you for your smiles, reactions, hugs, kisses and kind expressions of love. We will be overjoyed if you continue to follow us in the future.

Here is a little sample of our fun-filled day for those who were not lucky enough to meet us in person: