The Venus Spectacular – Reality Lovers wins award for “Most innovative product” of 2016 – photos inside!

We were always confident in Reality Lovers. We have always striven to move forward and push the envelope of virtual reality. That’s why the Venus award of “Most innovative product” of 2016 is extremely flattering and motivating to the whole team that stands behind Reality Lovers. Venus can’t be thanked enough for this.


The whole Venus show was a riot. The city of Berlin had to be overwhelmed by joy and horniness during the past weekend.


Our stand was the first thing everyone saw when they arrived at the show. Everybody wanted to see us!


Reality Lovers was more than ready for the Venus convention. And our German fans and admirers were definitely more than ready, as our booth was always full!


Pornstars from our videos – Nikky Dream, Antonia Sainz, Tracy Lindsay, Satin Bloom, Rosaline Rosa and Isabella Lui were there live, topless all the time. Their aroused fans could take a selfie with them or get their autographs.


But there was much more fun to be had! The girls were a delight to have around – performing spontaneous sexy shenanigans all the time!


Our hotties crossed the line even more at the show – they performed stripteases and dildo shows exclusively for the fans – while they were being shot in VR!


The fans and random horny people at the show were left amazed and aroused by our VR girls.


Volunteers had the experience of a lifetime when the pornstars shot a live VR video with them. They won’t forget about it for the rest of their life!


The breasts of our girls were uncovered for the whole 4 days of Venus. Talk about dedication!


They had so much fun with their fans, interacting with them and having tons of fun.


You could also immerse yourself in the sexy virtual reality by taking a ‘test ride’ on our videos.


We were pleased to have not only horny boys around… the ladies were equally thrilled by our production as well!


If you liked our videos, you could obtain one of our limited vouchers. Two videos + free glasses for just 19,90 Euros – you can guess the sales were blazing!


A giant German celebrity – Micaela Schäfer was a Reality Lovers exclusive guest. She attracted even more crowds into our VR territory!


Of course, she was giving out autographs right there, in our Reality Lovers booth. Her fans were more than pleased.


Well, not only them.. also our dearest girls were mesmerized by Micaela, as you can see in the picture.


Another celebrity – German pornstar Lena Nitro – gave an astounding performance in her exclusive live show that occurred in our stand as well.


The arousing atmosphere of Venus was just so intense. Rumors were floating around that people were having sex on the toilets. All. The. Time.


Everyone fell in love with virtual reality presented by our brand – instantly enamored and aroused, people couldn’t help but smile.


Some exhibitionist guys took the eroticism of this show to the next level – to have their penises signed by the stars! Now that’s an erection to remember!


All the freaks, sex weirdos, ultimate fetish guys could roam free at the convention, being themselves with all the kinks and quirks they have.


Reality Lovers was an infinite hit at Venus 2016. Loads of interviews for journalists were given – our VR porn production definitely got the exposure it deserved.


Another prestigious show – the Netstars Party and Awards – was sponsored by yours truly. The excitement of our breathtaking girls reached a new level, as all of them were nominated and received the Netstars.TV award – one of the most acclaimed prices for pornstars.


Virtual reality sex is a blast. But why spend so much time reading about it when you can experience it? Head on right here and your sex life will be changed forever.

Because to believe it, you have to see it.