How does a pornstar vacation look like?

Have you ever wondered how porn-stars spend their vacation? Perhaps it has occurred to you that you would like to join them for a moment and smear tanning lotion across their seductive curves. If you think that they spend their free time in luxurious resorts armed with a cocktail glass by the pool, you are perhaps in for a surprise. Some of them prefer a family trip or hiking in the mountains to an exotic beach holiday – just like common people.

Tracy Lindsay and Satin Bloom spend a lot of time together, being best friends. One can hardly imagine everyday life without the other, they are simply inseparable. They work together, travel together, shop, take vacation and enjoy life; together. Most of their free time is spent on the beach, by the pool, tanning or working hard in the gym. They both indulge in great wine and cuisine. These two irresistible beauties with fit figures attract the gazes of every man around them and they are reminiscent of Ying and Yang.

Nikki Dream has a different idea about spending her spare time, so she has embarked on a family trip with her family and friends to witness both the historical sites and the natural beauty of the Czech Republic. Thanks to her positive personality, her endless funny faces and her unmatched sense of humor, she has turned her life into one exciting ride, which she intends to enjoy fully. She gives everyone around her huge doses of positive energy and her presence has the effect of rays of sunshine, which charge you and bring a smile to your face. Feel free to enjoy her private photos, which she has shared with us readily.

Kristy Black is an astonishing woman, not only beautiful, but extremely friendly and approachable. She spends her free time reading books, travelling, educating herself and hiking. Kristy is a remarkable, ambitious young woman, who loves to play housewife on the one side – enjoys baking and is very driven on the other – she knows what she wants and she goes after it. She is bright and shockingly modest, which is not a common trait in this industry. One could say that she is the perfect match for any man.

We hope that just as our girls, you, too, are enjoying the holiday season and gaining strength and energy. In the upcoming weeks, we have prepared new scenes for you, which you are bound to enjoy. So enjoy summer to the fullest, get some good rest, drink cool drinks and enjoy the new and exciting scenes which we bring you!

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