How do people react to Reality Lovers?

“What the fuck… awesome!”

“That’s cool.”

“It’s so realistic!”

… or they just freeze in a completely dumbfounded, stunned look. We are not making this stuff up – this is what we caught on camera when we let the great people in Prague, Bratislava, and Vienna try out some of our intense Reality Lovers scenes.

Here’s the video:

People on the streets react to VR PORN VIDEOS! from Reality Lovers on Vimeo.


A bottom line? Well, you can’t stop progress – porn is definitely here to stay. And that’s good, because there is nothing to be ashamed about! It’s just a bit of naughty fun, and now, it’s more

intense than ever before. So dive in and enjoy Reality Lovers! What
was your reaction when you put on a VR headset and saw virtual reality porn for the first time?